Carlsen draw offer takes the World Championship match into a tie-break (12)

The World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Caruana finished in a 6-6 tie all drawn. In the final Sicilian line Carlsen chose seemed to catch Caruana off-guard. Caruana turned down a draw by repetition and started consuming time on the clock. Then on move 31 Carlsen offered a draw which was accepted by Caruana. Given the computer assessment and large time advantage people thought Carlsen was pressing for a win in this position but after the game Carlsen said he "didn't care" about the assessment. Carlsen clearly fancies his chances in the rapid tie-breaks, he is rated 2880 and Caruana 2789 a huge difference, and not an inaccurate reflection of their past results.

Tie-breaks 3pm Wednesday: Carlsen white in game 1. The following are played until someone gets a decisive advantage at any of the stages

4 x 25m+10spm rapid games.

5 x 5m+3spm pairs of blitz games. If someone leads after any pair of games they win.

A final decisive Armageddon where White has 5 minutes to Black's 4 (and a draw odds for Black).

World Chess Championship 2018 (12)

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